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Joseph Gambino

Owner of the local business, Brothers Diesel Performance, in his hometown of Springville, NY, Joe pulls his 1975 Dodge Bighorn, known as simply, "The Bighorn". 

This classic semi is 1 of 261 Bighorn's ever produced, housing a Cummins KTA 600 engine on a self built chassis. 

Pulling various types of equipment, from tractors to trucks, and now semis, Joe has twenty two years of pulling experience tucked under his belt.

Joe has the help of  his brother, Dominic Gambino, and girlfriend, Anna Giordano, to assist him with his recent accomplishments:  2010 and 2012 Pro Stock Points Champion, 2014 and 2015 Street Legal Semi Class Points Champion, and 2014 Best Appearing Truck. 

Some of Joe's many personal sponsors include; Brothers Diesel Performance, Giordano's Web Design, and Klispie's Motorsports.  

Chris Anderson

Journeying all the way from Shortsville, NY, where he owns and operates C.R. Anderson - Specialized Hauling, Chris brings eight years of pulling experience to the track. To join him, is his son, crew member, and fellow puller, Zach Anderson, who helps him maneuver the Semi all over Western New York to compete in numerous events. Also there to help and support Chris, is his wife, Sandy; daughter, Sarah; and other son: Jake. 

With a 3406 Cat Engine under the hood, his 1988 W900 Kenworth puts on quite a show for all spectators.

C.L. Enterprise, Right Way Permits, and C.R. Anderson - Specialized Hauling are just a few among many personal sponsors that support Chris.

Chris Jeffres' 1986 International 9670 Eagle.

Chris Jeffres

A Trucking Manager, as well as Farmer, Chris makes the long distance travel from Wyoming, NY,  hauling two Semis that will compete in our Semi Class, all made possible with the assistance of his entire crew, which include; John Raymond, Kyle Grosse, Chuck Bonham, and Jerrod Stein, as well as wife, Deanna.

"General Stupidity" is a 1986 GMC General, (Pictured above), that furnishes a GMC 3406B Cat Engine under the hood. Meanwhile, his 1986 International 9670 Eagle, (pictured left), named the "Wounded Eagle", contains an International Big Cam 400 Cummins. 

Pod Squad, LLC is among many of Chris' personal sponsors that have been backing Chris and his crew for the last two years that he has been pulling. 

Chuck Bonham

The '97 Pete, "All Bark -N- No Bite" works hard all week in the Pod Squad LLC in order to play on the weekends! Chuck's been the Shop Manager at Pod Squad LLC for eight years now, three of which, he has been helping owner Chris Jeffres yank all the trucks down the track.

The 1997 Peterbilt 378 has a 3406E Cat with 435HP and is the definition of your legit street legal semi. The Pete plays a huge role in getting the rest of the Jeffres' Semis to the events, as it pulls the trailer that hauls two of the other competing semis all over Western New York while Chuck, his family, and crew venture all the way from Wyoming, NY to participate in the events! 

Zach Anderson

An engineer by day, Zach also hauls a Semi out of Shortsville, NY. With his father, as well as crew member, Chris Anderson, to lend a helping hand, Zach drives a 1986 Freightliner FLC with a 3406 Caterpillar under his hood also.

Along with his four years of pulling experience to help power his way down the track, Zach also reserves the support of C.R. Anderson - Specialized Hauling, and C.L. Enterprise as just a couple of his many personal sponsors.