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Light Limited Super Stock

Faron Reding Jr.

Taking some time away from his busy Dairy Farm in his hometown of Lawtons, NY, Faron pulls this Light Limited Super Stock Tractor, which goes by a couple of different names these days. Some may know it as "Droopy II", some may know it as the "Super Banana". Either way, the brilliant yellow IH 2706 will be out on the track this year for sure.

Since 1998 Faron has been working his way down the track, paving his way to his recent accomplishments as the 2008 and 2009 Light Pro Farm Points Champion as well as 2015 LLSS Points Champion. 

His wife, Amber Reding , and friend, Matt Yager, make the crew members that build this pulling team, along with the support of Faron and Amber's two young sons. 

Westin Blidy

Another Western New York Native, The "Miss Used" machine comes right out of North Collins, NY, where he and his wife, Dawn, own their own business, D.W.B. Enterprise, Inc. This 1989 White 140 is powered by a B Series Cummins, and with Westin's fifteen years of pulling experience, he sure does put on quite a show!

John Voelpel

The proud owner of Voelpel Farms, which was established in his hometown of Newfane, NY, Tractor Pulling has sort of become a 'family thing'.

On the day of the events, John, his wife Erin, and their three daughters, load up and head on out to the pulls for a full day at the track. 

While two of the daughters are quite involved, and even pull their own tractors in the Light Pro Stock Class, John has elected for a slightly larger and quite competitive class. Meet "Deutzilla". Deutz 80-06, with a Deutz 374 cu. in air cooled engine. Taking second in what was a very tight run for the points championship last year, John finished only eleven points behind in the race. 

The crew is made up of five. Zach Kramer handles the Engine and R&D. Steve Kramer for the transmission design. And finally the wife, Erin and two daughters, Kassie and Kirsten. Everyone works together to ensure a smooth enjoyable day at the pulls.

Austin Cohoon

Well, he's graduated from his rookie year as a tractor puller, and with moving on up in the experience realm, his tractor has moved on up in the tractor class as well. Jumping from the Light Pro Stock class last year, to the Light Limited Super Stock Class this year, we are sure excited to see how that 5.9 Cummins operated Oliver 88 holds up to the big boys this season!

Terrence Kopp

For sixteen years, Terrence has been a competitive puller in our club. When he's not busy farming, or tending to his own business, Kopp Forest Products, he and the family bring the International 1206 with it's DT 466, "The Power Hound", out to play.

Andy Dick

Another one who doesn't have a far drive to our local events here in WNY, Andy resides in Freedom, NY. He brings with him to the pulls his Allis Chalmers D17, and his brother Dave to help him in the pits! 

John Haier Sr.

As mentioned before, John dabbles in most of our tractor classes, which means he doesn't stop here! The Oliver 2150 is powered by a 478 Hercules Diesel.

John Haier Sr.

The Cockshutt 570 Super is run by a 5.9 Cummins on Alcohol, and is sure to put up some competition against everyone in the class, including his other tractor!

Mark Gabel

One of the co-founders of our very own Pulling Club, Mark manages to take time away from his Dairy Farm in East Concord, NY, to run his tractor,  "Fathers Pride". This tractor has been pulled by the family for over an astonishing forty years now, twenty of which, have been pulled by Mark himself!
With a 5.9 Cummins on Alcohol, he is sure to put on quite a presentation for all, as he has done in the past.
A special thanks goes out to Mark's entire family for their support, as well as to his personal sponsor, Syngenta.

Ron Bailey

Jason Hohman

While we were all excited to finally see Jason and his blue Ford 7910 out last year to compete for the first time, he is by no means a rookie in our pulling world. In fact, he has been competing in the circuit for nearly 23 years now! As a heavy equipment mechanic, he contains the knowledge and expertise that is required to maintain the competition vehicle, and with the help of his family; wife, Heather, and two boys, Justin & Timothy, he is sure to always have a solid support system there to cheer him on throughout the Season!