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Hot Farm 466

Dave Foote

"Ol Blue" is the Ford 9600 that sits on its original stock chassis with a Ford 401 cu. in. Engine that brings Dave out to play during those crazy Summer months. Although he is a Farm Mechanic , he's been yanking the sled for twenty years now! He enlists the assistance of Dustin Shearing and Chris Koerner to help keep this bad boy up and running.

Daryl Keem

Daryl and his John Deere 4050 will be taking a break from their Dairy Farm this summer to come out and compete in our new Hot Farm 466 Class. He and his family, from Java, NY will be attending our events throughout the Season with his secondary driver, as well as crew member, Chris Karpinski. 

Donald Benz III

They call their IH 3688 the "Amish Outlaw II". Some might wonder what the "II" may stand for, and for those of you who don't know, there used to be an original "Amish Outlaw" that the boys pulled about 10 years ago. And when we refer to "the boys",we are referring to both Donald himself, as well as his pit crew, and alternative driver, Larry Heim. Neither of them are rookies to pulling. Larry decided to retire his 2.5 PSDT that he pulled in the past to reincarnate this Hot Farm tractor. with Donald and the rest  of their pit crew, consisting of Larry's father, Larry Heim, and Dan Wiedemann.  

Hadley Palmerton

He calls his tractor "The Dream Killer". This IH 1066 sits on a stock chassis with a DT414 under the hood, and with his five years of pulling experience, he's ready to compete this season. Like most of the Hot Farm tractor pullers, Hadley is also a WNY native, from Delevan, NY. He has his knowledge and experience as an AG Tech at Lamb & Webster in Springville, NY that provides him the background to supply his own mechanical tune ups on his tractor. He has the support from his family and friends, as well as his farm, Palmerton Farms as a sponsor.

Tyler Neamon

Tyler, a.k.a "Little Woody" is a WNY Local. He plans to pull his IH 1066 and it's DT 414, along with the sponsorship of Townline Limousin. Some may recognize that face of his, especially if you live in Arcade! He's the fuel man at Crabb Oil! He's also dabbled in our Stock & Enhanced classes in the past, leaving him with a total of about five years pulling experience.