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2.6 Pro Street Diesel Trucks

Brian Mayerat

After seizing the 2016 Points Championship in the 2.5 Class, Brian has decided to retire the 2010 Dodge to be used as his toy hauler for the old, newly improved truck that's next in line. 

Some of you may recognize the black Ford F250, for those of you who don't, this isn't her first rodeo. Brian had pulled the Ford for years before retiring it years ago.

It re-enters the circuit this year with a new 5.9 Cummins that has been custom built by the boys at Brothers Diesel Performance

Jake Pappas

A local from Angola, NY, where he works in Road Construction as both an operator and a mechanic, Jake has been pulling his 5.9 24v Cummins in our Street Diesel Class since 2013.  Jake's personal sponsors include both Brothers Diesel Performance and Municipal Milling & Maintenance. 

Sean Andrews

Sean, an employee for the Town of Colden Highway Department, has graduated from his rookie year of  pulling. This year, he returns with his 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 in the 2.5 class and is ready to do work! He has the help of his crew member, Austin Cohoon, as well as the support of family, including his wife, Sarah, daughter Rosalie, and newborn son Owen, to encourage him and the 12V throughout their first season. 

Josh Pattridge

A resident from Hunt, NY, Josh enters his eleventh year of pulling this year. As he is a mechanic for Lamb & Webster, he is provided with the knowledge and skills to maintain his pulling truck, which happens to be yet another Dodge. Doug Feltz helps Josh and his '96 Dodge Ram 2500 named "Money Well Wasted" make it's passes down the track. 

Matt Boldt

The 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, referred to as "Half Lit",  joins the 2.5 Class once again as a competing Points Member this Season. It's not Matt's first year competing. He brings six years of pulling experience with him, and some may even remember his Dodge from a couple years back when he competed in the circuit. Aaron Bakowski, Matt Conrad, and Haley Grace make up his pit crew to push the pickup through yet another year. 

Dakotah Thompson

What could possibly be a better name for a pulling vehicle than "The Instigator"? That's what Dakotah calls his Dodge that he's been hauling out from Dalton, NY for the last two years.

Dakotah is a truck mechanic for the Pod Squad Trucking Company, which just happens to be owned by one of our very own WNYPPS Members that pulls in our Street Legal Semi Class, Chris Jeffres. 

His pit crew is made up of a couple other WNYPPS Members that pull in the Limited Pro Street Diesel Truck Class, The Megliores. In addition to them, Bill Thompson and Michelle Schmidl also venture out to lend a helping hand. 

Mitchell Graw

For four years now, Mitch, a Local 17 Operating Engineer, has been pulling his '01 Dodge Ram 2500, which sits on a Crew Cab Chassis with a Cummins 24 Valve under the hood. He doesn't have to travel too far to make it to our pulls, as he is also local, from Angola, NY. He has the help from his grandfather, Marshall Graw, and the boys at Brothers Diesel Performance to keep this bay boy running like a top.

Eli Matteson

Sitting on a one ton chassis, "All Dollars and No Sense" is a 2005 Dodge Ram 

3500 pickup competing in our 2.5 Pro Street Diesel Truck Class. Eli is an operator out of Strykersville, NY who's been consistently pulling with WNYPPS since 2010. Helping him and his 5.9 Cummins out on the track are his crew members Eric and wife, Melissa. 

Advanced Truck Specialties, Perl Dairy Farm, Northland Contracting, and C&G Welding are a few of the sponsors that support Eli and his truck, which achieved Third Place in Points for his Class in the 2016 Season. 

Keith Crowell

Keith, a local, straight out of Springville, NY, keeps himself quite busy year around. While he's not working on the farm, or wearing his Correctional Officer uniform, Keith also plays the role of a full-time family man to his wife, Julia, and daughter, Audrey.  

Fairly new to the pulling sport with his 1999 Ford F-350, carrying a 7.3 Powerstroke Engine on a one ton chassis, Keith plans to attend our Summer Events to pull in our Street Class with the support of his personal sponsors, including; Crowell Transportation and Stefan Hay Co.

John Atzrott

Some may recognize this truck as the "Short Circuit" that used to be owned by Darin Morris. With a fresh paint job, and a new owner behind the wheel, the '96 Dodge returns to the track to compete in our 2.5 PSDT class, as opposed to it's previous life in the LPSDT Class. Although it's John's first year pulling, he has the help of Eric Gentry, Sam Atzrott, and Eli Matteson, whom is a fellow puller in the same class with 7 years of experience to get the rookie from Fredonia, NY through the year.

Anthony Fedorowicz

You definitely won't miss this bright orange '97 Dodge Dually ripping down the track. Anthony is from Great Valley, NY, and with him, he brings his pit crew made up of Zane, Chad, Jason & Chris. This is Tony's first official year as a WNYPPS Member, but you may recognize him from occasionally competing in the Local Street Diesel Class with us in the past.

Derek Zittel

The owner/operator  of Zittel's Dairy Farm & D. Zittel Ag Services out of Boston, NY, Derek finally dares to join as a competition vehicle in the 2.5 Class this year. While "Poundin' Salt" will enter it's first official year as a Member, it has made it's fair share if passes down the track in the street diesel class before.